Monday, April 8, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 14

Today is the 14th day, making two weeks of the Omer.  Majesty within Strength, Nobility of Discipline;  Shechina within Gevurah / Malchut within Gevurah.  Whew.  The counting is making my head spin.  The discipline of a practice is the reason to keep on keeping on.  I'm aware that yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day.  I always feel relief when it is over, and couldn't even mention it in yestereday's post.  A friend told us a story yesterday about her recent visit to Terezin (Theresienstadt) Concentration Camp.  A chunk of the ceiling fell just where she had been standing, moments after she had stepped away from that spot.  What a sense of almost being injured or killed, and miraculously being alive. 

Last Friday I joined  In only a few days I am totally in love with it (a better way to say it than addicted.)  It is my refuge because art is my refuge.  It gives me joy to stack my old favorites and to discover new artists I had not known before.  I am thrilled to be the first to post work of my friends, as well as of my virtual friends (e.g. artists from the Arab Women Artists Facebook page, or the Iranian Contemporary Art Facebook page), and then watch the international community 'stack' them.  This is a form of fun and happiness that I can get lost in for hours.  Is this how the teenagers feel about their game applications?

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