Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 16

Today is the 16th day, making two weeks and two  days of the Omer.  Discernment within the Heart, Discipline in Compassion:  Gevurah within Tiferet.  On this page in my 2011 journal I wrote that I had been sick since the beginning of Omer counting, and was relieved to find out it was only allergies to the pollens of the beautiful Spring blossoms.  That was our first Spring in the new climate and we were still learning and adjusting.  I wrote: "Some days it felt like counting the Omer was all I could do - a structure for keeping going."  "Keep on keeping on."  "Gevurah helps."

I'm grateful that this year I know what comes with all the Spring beauty, and what to do about it!  And I'm especially grateful for the friends that I have made since moving from San Diego to Philly.  I spent today with a group called Wild Women, founded and led by Rabbi Rayzel Raphael,  It was an extra special gathering because we also celebrated her 60th birthday and were treated to some of her many original songs which have not yet been recorded. It was spirited, inspirational, funny, and fun.  By the time I got home I was too tired to go back out again to my Rosh Chodesh group, a group that celebrates the new moon that marks the beginning of a new Hebrew month.

Today the temperature shot up to 90 degrees, as if we suddenly moved into summer and almost skipped Spring.  Now it is pouring rain, so the new moon isn't even visible around here.

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