Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 22

Today is the 22nd day, making three weeks and one day of the Omer.  Today we start the week of Netzach. Rabbi Simon Jacobson calls it "Endurance, Fortitude, Ambition."  Rabbi Yael Levy calls it "Eternity, Vision, Endurance".  Endurance seems to be the common denominator. Rabbi Jacobson calls Chesed within Netzach  Lovingkindness in Endurance.  Rabbi Levy  interprets it as Love within Vision.  Take your pick.  It makes it more fun that there is so much room for interpretation.

Usually I favor Rabbi Levy's more contemporary view.  Rabbi Jacobson is more traditionally Orthodox. Today I appreciate what he says about Lovingkindness in Endurance:  "For anything to endure it needs to be loved... For endurance to be effective it needs to be caring and loving.  Endurance without love can be counterproductive.  Raw endurance can come across as harsh and aggressive... For endurance to be successful it needs a loving and caring attitude, it requires patience."

At the recent Dumpster Diver meeting, (Divers are a group of assemblage artists who make art from found objects, thrift shop and flea market treasures, and re-cycled stuff,) one of the Diver women said to me "What makes an artist a professional?  It is not an art school degree, or sales.  It is someone who just keeps making art and just keeps doing it no matter what."  Endurance!  Netzach energy needed for sure....with a loving, caring, and patient attitude!


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