Monday, April 15, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 21

Today is the 21st day, making three weeks of the Omer.  It is both Shechina and Malchut within Tifert - both feminine and masculine.  Majesty within Beauty; Nobility within Compassion.  The photo at the left is from a Jewish Renewal retreat I went to several years ago, at a Baha'i center in the Northern California redwoods.  I stumbled into an abandoned apple orchard, and was glad I had my camera with me!

The Sefirot that is both Shechina and Malchut, feminine and masculine, feels especially meaningful to me this year.  I'm delighted to have joined the Dumpster Divers,, a long-time group of quirky assemblage artists who are so far outside the box that there is no box.  Apparently twenty years ago it was mostly men.  Now there are significant numbers of women along with the men.  They are bending my mind and helping me grow, along with a lot of fun. 

I'm also happy that I will be part of a six person show in November at DaVinci Art Alliance, along with five men.  Not only am I the only woman, but also the only 3-D assemblage person.  The guys are painters and photographers.  One of them, Rex Sexton, is also an author.  His latest novel, Paper Moon, arrived in today's mail and I have started reading it.  

Above is his painting, also titled Paper Moon, which illustrates the book's cover.

In San Diego I was involved with the Women's Caucus for Art, as well as a Women Artists' Focus Group for many years.  They were instrumental in my ultimately moving to Philadelphia where I could devote more time to art and have real studio space.  Now that I am here I am still part of two women's artist groups, one that I was invited into, Women with a View, and one that I formed. At the same time I am grateful for the balance of Malchut with Shechinah energy in my new Philly life, between the Divers and the DaVinci Six!

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