Saturday, April 6, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 12

 Today is the 12th day, making one week and 5 days of the Omer.  Glory within Strength, Humility in Discipline:  Hod within Gevurah.  I don't understand this one at all.  So much of Omer Counting is related to integration of left and right points in the body, upper and lower points, and of course, within.  I had a much needed massage today, and was very aware that my right side from neck to lower back was painfully tight, while my left side was fine. I was very aware while lying on the massage table how much my massage therapist helps with getting my body integrated. 

Then my dyslexia kicked in, and my normal confusion with left and right.  When the sefirot are shown without a body, Netzah is always shown on the right and Hod on the left.

When the sefirot are shown on a human body, usually Netzach is shown on the right and Hod on the left.  

Since the person's feet are facing forward, then actually Netzach is for him on his left side and Hod on his right side. Very confusing.

Here is one where the man is facing forward, and Hod is on the right (his left) and Netzach on the left (his right).

And here is one a dyslexic can understand better, but rarely shown:  a person with his back to us, as you can see for sure from the way the feet are facing:

Netzach is clearly on both the person's right and the viewer's right, and Hod on the left of both as well.

Help, help.  What is a poor dyslexic to do?  If anyone has any insight on this dilemma, please let me know!  Meanwhile, I'm seeing my massage therapist again sooner than ususal...

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