Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 8

Today is the 8th day, making one week and one day of the Omer.  In 2011 I wrote:  "So glad we started with Chesed and not Gevurah, or this would feel unbearable - "   It felt like an abrupt shift to move from the week where Chesed, or Lovingkindness, was the overall container of all the other qualities. In my visual system it was moving from a large circle of yellow gold to a large circle of red.  The Gevurah qualities of strength and discipline felt so stern compared to Lovingkindness.

It helped that by the ninth day I started using a less intense red for the big circle, and as the week progressed I began to appreciate the value of Gevurah energy, as you will see.  Even though today's quality is of Chesed within Gevurah, or Love within Strength, it still was difficult for me in 2011.  This year I know how much I need Gevurah's strength.

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