Thursday, April 18, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 24

Today is the 24th day, making three weeks and three days of the Omer.  Beauty that Endures:  Tiferet within Netzach.

Wow, does that ever speak to me as an artist.  Most of the art by Anonymous has endured.  It is not about ego.  It is about beauty.  For instance this bronze horse from late 2nd - 1st century B.C., by Anonymous:

Rabbi Yael Levy says for today:  "..It is our responsibility to search out, notice and create beauty.  And it is our responsibility to allow the beauty to inspire our empathy and encourage our acts of connection and love."  What a concept!  It is not just for our pleasure.  The enjoyment we feel in our heart chakra, Tifert, can radiate outward in connection with others.  Appreciating beauty can cause us to be more loving people!  Remind me again why the schools cut funding to arts education for children???

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