Monday, April 29, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 35

Today is the 35th day, making five weeks of the Omer.  Flow of Gratitude / Nobility in Humility:  Shechina/Malchut within Hod.  Just as we were leaving Ghost Ranch in the Georgia O'Keefe country of Arizona, at the end of our Jewish Mindfulness retreat in 2011, there was this very clear rainbow.  It only lasted a few minutes, so I was glad my camera was handy.  I printed out the digital image on gampi silk tissue paper, which is why the edges are frayed and it doesn't look like a regular photograph. Gampi attaches with matte medium.

 I can't remember exactly, but I suspect I completed this page after getting home, or at least the left side of it.  Life sometimes demands a certain improvisation.  I was registered to go to an annual mental health forum this evening,  together with some friends.  I cancelled out because of not feeling well. I'll be in bed within minutes...  So it goes.

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