Sunday, April 7, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 13

Today is the 13th day, making one week and 6 days of the Omer.  Foundation within Strength:  Yesod within Gevurah. 

In Counting the Omer, A Journey through the Wilderness by Rabbi Yael Levy, she suggests as a practice for today:

"Take time to feel your strengths, to give honor to your abilities.  Make a commitment to use your power to bring benefit and blessing."

I facilitated SoulCollage® with a Jewish Spin this afternoon on the theme of SoulCollage® and Dreams.  

It was a wonderful group and a lot of fun.  Suffice to say that the Dream Card I made for my own dream points me back to Rabbi Yael's practice for the day.  I got take out Chinese food for dinner afterwards, and two fortune cookie fortunes also felt right on with what my Dream Card was telling me. Yesod is connected with secrets, and I wrote "Secrets are irresistible" on the left page of the journal.  So enough said...

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