Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Philadelphia Story - one of 780!

Of course an invitation like this would appeal to a Dumpster Diver!  "The artwork — a 20-foot-long shadow box packed with found and fabricated objects, each a pocket-size artifact of life in this city — is destined for Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal F."

This image from an online Philadelphia Inquirer article shows Won Kyoung Lee and Matthew Alden Price, the husband and wife team behind this fascinating concept, and gives an idea of its scale.  Most exciting, each object will have an accompanying story. 

My submission, below, was accepted!  I am really looking forward to the opening and meeting Matt and Won in person.  Many Dumpster Divers will be part of this installation, which is so Diver-ish in spirit.

This is my accompanying story:

"My friend Elise had very special slippers she got in Chinatown.  When they wore out she couldn’t bear to just throw them away, so she snipped these sparkly chartreuse flowers off the toes and gave them to me, knowing I would put them to use in art. We are both happy they have another life now.  I moved here from San Diego in 2010 not knowing anyone. I love that my new Philly friends know to save their ‘trash’ for me.  What I love about being a found-object artist is the sense of story and personal history of objects.  Being one of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, I am thrilled to have found kindred spirits."

 I am proud that my Philadelphia story will be one of the 780 objects with accompanying stories of!

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