Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Trouper Carries On

Huddled in my studio with my coat and a space heater I did a reading with my SoulCollage® deck. The image above was one of four cards I picked, out of a little over 100.  It is my "Trouper" card - the gal who carries on despite chaos.  The synchronicity made me laugh!  That is exactly how my studio feels right now.  The pipes in my studio had frozen, but fortunately didn't burst.  Just a slow leak, and fortunately after we were back from vacation.  The drywall is opened up so the plumber can come back and finish the repairs. Everything is torn up, at sixes and sevens.

I managed to put in a little studio time wending my way away among the boxes and piles to gather materials for my 3-D Collage class which just started. And I will be in there again tomorrow working on my new piece.  The show must go on...