Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aging Bodaciously

I loved making this SoulCollage® card at the four day Expressive Arts Therapies Summit in New York City in early November.  We met immediately "post-Sandy", "A triumph of Commitment, Creativity, and Community" as one attendee said.  700 art therapists and therapists who make use of the arts from all over the world managed the travel challenges to show up.  

I signed up for a full day of SoulCollage® with my Facilitator Trainer Kat Kirby, part of a group of 30, including 10 from Russia together with their translator.  It was fun to try a new way of writing about the card after it was made, by making an alphabet poem.  I love how nonlinear it is!

A  Aging
B   bodaciously.
C   Cold
D   daunting
E   environment.
F   Fight
G   groundedly!
H   Hahaha...
I    Intense
J    joy
K   kicking
L   lovingly.
M  Mornings
N   now
O   opening
P   purely.
Q   Quantifiable
R   riches
S   stream -
T   truly
U   underestimated
V   value.
W  Worries
X   xeroed.
Y   Yelling
Z   zestfully.