Saturday, February 18, 2017

First Made in 1990 / Back Again in 2017

Now titled Sweethearts, this piece was originally done in 1990, as the first Gulf War commenced.  I remember a background of bombs dropping on t.v. as I made it.  In its first incarnation there was a poppy seed hamantaschen (a triangular pastry with filling) coated in acrylic, because it was Purim, the Jewish holiday when hamantaschen are eaten.  It didn't last over the years despite the acrylic, so it was replaced by the box of Sweethearts candy and the primitive cell phone.  

It felt like time to update and share it again, so the other mobile phone got added.  

 At the time I originally made it, I emailed Marcia Falk,, including an image of the work.  She gave me permission to make use of the pre-publication handout she had given us, including her signature, and was pleased to be a co-creator of the work. I was and am honored.  I hope she would approve of its current resurfacing.