Monday, June 30, 2014

Montreal: Graffiti and Murals and Public Art - Oh My

Art of every kind is everywhere on the streets of Montreal.  Some murals are even funded by the government, if an artist's proposal is accepted.  One percent of the cost of buildings is set aside for public art. 

On this wall in Chinatown, I love how the graffiti peeks out above the bas relief of gracious musicians.

These large sculptural blocks were all over town, in a variety of bright colors, alerting people that a new public art work would soon be seen in that location.

By checking out I found this image from Stephen Schofield's studio and the work in progress that will ultimately be where the green block is now:

This landmark public art work, The Illuminated Crowd, is by Raymond Mason, done in 1985 in stratified polyester resin with polyurethane paint.  I don't particularly like it, but it is definitely a phenomenon:

It's a little creepy..

Even the firehouse had its own murals:


It was great to be in a city that  values art and artists!