Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Arc of a Journey

The arc of a journey, both inner and outer, is embodied by Helen Redman's exhibit at the Women's History Museum in San Diego. The venue couldn't have been more appropriate for this history making pioneer of Feminist Art. The generosity of her spirit as she shared fifty years of experience as an artist with women of all ages, and the dialogical nature of the salon talk's discussion was a paradigm of the Feminist Art Movement itself...and testifies that it's history is still unfolding.

I'm happy that I was there and captured some of the flavor on video. I'm even happier to have been Helen Redman's friend over the years!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Want your socks knocked off? Check out http://www.womenarts.org, a non-profit dedicated to helping women artists be seen, celebrated, and compensated. They also organize and support SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now Day), a world-wide celebration that builds awareness of the power and diversity of women's art. This statement by Martha Richards, the Founder and Executive Director of WomenArts says it all: "We dream about what will happen as more and more women artists gain the resources they need to express their creativity fully. We are convinced that they will change the world."

I am delighted that my blog has been added to the list of bloggers on their website: http://www.womenarts.org/news/bloggers.htm. It is lot of fun to see the range of blogs on this site. I am honored to be in such great company!

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