Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Claytography? What's that?

Who knew that the workshop I took in 'claytography' - silk screening images on to clay, would have an unexpected bonus.  We used our own photographs, adjusted in photoshop and printed out on mylar to make our silkscreens.  After making my silkscreen, I still had all the mylar images.  They were too good not to use, so I collaged these three mylar images to my clay monotype.  It now feels complete.

The shadows are from this photograph of me and my daughter on a San Diego beach walk.

 The serenely sitting person is not actually a Buddha.  

It could almost be a young girl.  Or certainly an androgynous person.

I took this photograph on my first visit to the newly re-opened Eastern wing of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Here's the label:

I did actually silkscreen the image onto another clay monotype.  I wasn't sure if the woven substrate of the clay print could handle the silkscreen ink, but it seems to have worked:

I love the vine, growing in the lace beneath the meditating person.  This one feels finished now too.

In a few more days, the silkscreened clay pieces will emerge from the kiln.  I can't wait to see how they look!