Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art Fun: ART NOW

FiberPhiladelphia 2012 was an international biennial and regional festival in 40 locations, now coming to a close. It pushed edges and boundaries in innovative,  exciting, and unexpected ways, redefining and transcending materials.  My Barnes Foundation ART NOW class had the privilege of visiting one its most major exhibits on Art Safari with Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosoff, the women behind We heard  from both the Curator and Director of FiberPhiladelphia at this preview before it officially opened.  What an amazing experience!  Watch the video an you'll see for yourself.  

 I love this installation of transparent people that constantly moved and changed from every angle:

ART NOW has given us the back story on so many galleries, museums, and art spaces in Philly.  I will miss the class when it comes to an end in a few weeks.  Its impact will last the rest of my life.

Another highlight of our fourteen week ART NOW class: At Bahdeebahdu I was fascinated with Warren Muller's fantastical sculptures using salvaged repurposed stuff made beautiful and luminous.  Anything and everything can be an art supply! Browsing the website is a treat:  After visiting I also now know how to pronounce Bahdeebahdu.  Meeting Warren and his associates, and hearing him talk about his astonishing career that spans so many of the arts was inspiring.  Seeing his inventory of junk, and knowing there was a barn filled with more out in the country, made me feel like my garage sale and flea market habit to gather art supplies is very small potatoes.  Here is one thing not on his website:  the bathroom has a wonderful open shower area, with a wall of assemblage.  If you look carefully, you can see the knob in the center of the most interesting shower wall I have ever seen!

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