Sunday, September 8, 2019

"in the collection of the artist"

When I took my clay monoprints over to Sweet Mabel Gallery a few days ago for my current exhibit, these two were not included.  They are "in the collection of the artist."

The first is called "Mystery."  It is indeed a mystery to me.  The full sheet wasn't successful and I had mixed feelings about it.  I decided to take a 12" x 12" crop to make a clay monoprint tile i.e. to mount it on mat board so that it can hang without being under glass.  To include both the feather and the dragonfly, I got a 12" x 12" composition that I wouldn't likely have otherwise chosen, and I like it.

This was my first use of a new hamsa stencil, and it fit well in the space.  I first used gold acrylic, forgetting that acrylic doesn't work with the substrate used in clay monoprinting unless it is liquid acrylic.  I waited for it to dry and tried brown watercolor on top of it.  By this time it felt like all was lost, so I might as well experiment.  A third coat of liquid acrylic gold on top finished it in a way I didn't expect.  I love it. It sits on the bookshelf in my office where I look at it often.

This second one is called "Self-Portrait with Hat," and it hangs in my studio.  I honestly don't know how I did it.  I am grateful for the spontaneous and unexpected nature of clay monoprinting.  It keeps me open to surprise.