Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ride the Wave

What fun and what a privilege to participate in Create Change: the first annual Festival of Art and Imagination presented by The Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego, As promised, it truly was a five-day road-trip for the soul. How refreshing to immerse in multi-modal expression, alternating between movement, art (acrylics, collage, photography, clay), improv music, and poetry - all in the company of other playful souls. Risks taken, no judgements, batteries recharged, community created: joyfully juicy!

"Ride the Wave" is a detail of the acrylic I did at the Festival. When folded, it formed an eight-page book which was then elaborated with collage. Now that I'm home, I can't quite remember why I haven't explored acrylics more, especially since becoming allergic to oil-based media. Whatever was stopping me isn't there anymore. Hooray for atelier magic! I'm ready to ride the waves.