Monday, May 13, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 49

Today is the 49th day, making seven weeks of the Omer!  It's 7 x 7, the last day of the count.  We made it!  Divine Presence within Majesty / Nobility of Nobility:  Shechina Sh'b Malchut / Malchut of Malchut. 

I'm so grateful to everyone who has shown their encouragement and support along this journey:  Elise Luce Kraemer,  Rex Sexton,  Sharon Parker,  Mark Hurvitz,  Lee Fowler Schwimmer,  Carol Fleishman,  Eugene Sotirescu, Roberta Milstead, Linda Dubin Garfield, Helen Redman, and all of you who have let me know that you have taken a look from time to time.  Your presence helped me to keep going, and to feel connected not only with all the people who have been counting in the present, but throughout the ages.  Thank you!


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