Saturday, May 11, 2013

Counting the Omer with Visual Journaling - Day 47

Today is the 47th day, making six weeks and five days of the Omer.  Openness within Divine Presence:  Hod Sh'b Shechina  /  Humility in Nobility:  Hod of Malchut. 

Here I wrote "Hod Sh'b Yesod" (whoops, wrong week), crossed out "Yesod" and wrote "Shechina".  In the smaller handwriting I wrote "OK - mistakes happen.  I am tiring of counting.  Ready for Shavuos.  Confusing that this week's sefirot is sometimes shown as Shechina and sometimes as Malchut."  I also noted Rabbi Yael Levy's thought for this day:  "The Mystery is revealed through patience."

Patience seems to be a big part of this Omer counting practice - and of life.  Maury died on September 25, 2012, and yesterday was the first time I was able  to write anything at all about saying Kaddish for him. Netzach of Malchut helped.  All I had been able to do previously was make a memory box for him, called "Kaddish for Maury":

Last night's program was so special. He would have loved it, it was right up his alley.  I missed being able to pick up the phone and tell him about it.  I miss laughing together...

My Omer counting journal has been single sided now for a few days, so that there would be enough pages to make it through to the end.  I spaced it so it would just make it.  The end is in sight.  


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