Sunday, March 10, 2013

Duchamp Unexpectedly

I thought I was going to make a SoulCollage® card honoring the aspect of myself of persistence and determination.  Instead, out popped Marcel Duchamp, now in my Community Suit of people who guide and inspire me. I was initially surprised when I heard that Seena Frost's  Community Suit is the largest suit in her deck.  (She is the founder of SoulCollage®.)  The longer I am a Soulcollager, the more I understand it.  Duchamp certainly persisted in his own quirky vision, regardless of whether it was understood or appreciated at the time.

When I look at my new SoulCollage® card of Marcel Duchamp, I feel like he is telling me not to care what people think, to take artistic risks, have fun, and see the absurdity in it all!

I love how his hands are splayed out in one direction against the glass and the angel's hands are splayed out in the other direction.    He is standing in front of his famous installation "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even..."  

Making SoulCollage® cards intuitively is an unpredictable endeavor!  I love its surprises.

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