Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diving with the Dumpster Divers

This wonderful mixed media assemblage called Pedal to the Metal is by Jim Ulrich, a member of Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia.  As soon as I  moved back to Philly and heard about the Dumpster Divers I felt like I had found my tribe!  I had been making art from re-cycled found objects, discarded or broken things, and thrift shop and garage sale treasures for years in San Diego, in isolation from other assemblage artists.  Amazingly, I reconnected with a friend I knew from early Philadelphia days decades ago, who turned out to be a Dumpster Diver and brought me into the group.  I just attended my second monthly meeting, and feel like I have come home!

Isaiah Zagar, the well known mosaic artist and muralist behind, was at this month's Diver meeting, along with his dog Blue.   I recognized him, but was too shy to speak to him.  As we were leaving, he held out his hands to me and asked my name.  I told him and he enfolded me in a warm close hug.  I said "I never expected to ever be able to meet you in person."  "You're a good girl," he said.  I am farklempt.

Isaiah Zagar

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