Monday, February 20, 2012

Video Version of Collaborative / 34 Show !

This beautifully filmed video captures the spirit and essence of our Collaborative / 34 show at Muse Gallery, as well as the art itself.  It fully embodies the show! Watch it and enjoy the unique concept unfold.  As one artist says, "it was not so much about each individual artist, as about how we work together..."  When you watch, you become part of the many people taking in this amazing installation.  Enjoy!  In some respects you will see more of the art than if you had been in the press of people that obscured the view.

I didn't know until I watched the video that Muse Gallery had been founded years ago by two women from the Women's Caucus for Art.  Considering how many years I was a member of the San Diego Women's Caucus for Art Chapter, and how much they have influenced my career as an artist, it felt like 'full circle'!

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Congratulations with being part of the collaborative show Susan! very exciting and wonderful work.

Susan Richards said...

Thanks for the good wishes Susan! it was a wonderful experience!