Friday, February 10, 2012

Occupy My Soul! Art About What Matters

While my monotypes are showing in the trendy Old City section of Philadelphia, far removed from Occupy activity, this over-lifesize panel that I painted on mylar as part of Elise Luce Kraemer's collaborative community project, Occupy My Soul, is one of the panels currently being exhibited at Friends' Center in downtown Philly.  The project will be comprised of 99 large panels inspired by the Occupy Movement. Each panel includes a figure representing an Occupier, with a quote provided by an Occupy member. (In this case the quote is by Alyson G., someone I don't  know.) Together, the panels create a dance, which will be even more apparent when the 99 panels are finally joined to form a quilt or tent in support of the Movement.  It is a joy to make art about what matters,  and a good feeling to collaborate creatively with Elise and all the other people making panels for the project!

Here is a video of Elise talking about Occupy My Soul and showing some of the other panels.  It gives a sense of the variety, scale, and concept.  (I forgive her for calling me Susan Roberts in the video..)

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