Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Reception so successful you could hardly see the art!

The art was almost obscured by the wall-to-wall people at our Artists' Reception last Sunday at MUSE Gallery.  People had to be displaced to push the door open.  At the same time, people were leaking out the door on to the sidewalk just to breathe.  I'm told it was like that the whole afternoon.  I didn't stay long.... claustrophobia got to me.  But I'm glad I was there, if only to witness the phenomenon. Fortunately I had seen the art previously at the Opening party.  It was hard to see at the reception.  Hopefully the reviewer from the Philadelphia Inquirer did see it.  And the videographer was there before the crowds converged.  I'll post the YouTube video once it is up!

My four monotypes are in the vertical row:  two purple on top, then green with red circle, and black and white on the bottom.  For all the shows I have been in, this is the first time I have shown completely abstract work.  I'm enjoying the new direction!

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Indigene said...

Congratulations! It looks like fun was had by all! Wow! :)

Susan Richards said...

Thanks Indigene! I look forward to seeing you soon!