Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Collage of SoulCollagers

Richness abounded everywhere at the recent 4th International SoulCollage® Facilitator's Conference.  This video by Stephanie Anderson Ladd, is truly a remarkable visual meditation.  She shared it at the beginning of her  workshop, SoulCollage® and the Divine Feminine - one of the many workshops going on while I was taking some other one.  And yet the energies of all the workshops infused the atmosphere - because we shared over meals, over laughter, and by osmosis.  The synergy was part of the air we breathed.

Reintegrating back into life post-Conference has been a journey for all of us who were there. The shifts - both inward and manifested in our outward lives - are real, continuing, sometimes unexpectedly surprising, and growing. It was a uniquely diverse group of 95 women and one man.  The post-Conference journeys, as shared on the list-serv and in other ways, are also uniquely diverse. We were - and are - like the many separate shapes and colors of stained glass pieces that come together into a beautiful window that shines with one image when infused with light, and the many such windows at the beautiful Bon Secours Retreat Center where we met.  I am still trying to understand it all.  All I know is that I am grateful to be part of this amazing community and that I will be at the 5th International SoulCollage® Facilitators' Conference in Portland in 2013! 

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jackie from nyc to durham said...

Thank you for your site. Jackie Corlin

Susan Richards said...

Thanks for your comment Jackie!