Saturday, January 28, 2017

Monotypes: A day of play at Pendle Hill

I'm becoming very attached to the art studio at Pendle Hill, a nearby Quaker Retreat Center.  This was the second Arts and Spirituality one-day workshop I took there within the last two months.

I was intrigued by the cubbies that held the yarns for weaving and incised my impression on a 'plate' (sort of styrofoam-ish).  I printed it on a rice paper my daughter had given me, and got a kick out of how well the threads of the rice paper worked with the threads of yarn.

Here is Jesse White, the Arts and Spirituality Coordinator at Pendle Hill, cranking the printing press.

I love how the windows of the studio look out on their beautiful gardens.   Our teacher  Alice Krieg:

 Thanks for a relaxing day of fun and exploration!

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