Monday, January 9, 2017

I Claimed the 'U'

The Philadelphia Dumpster Divers will soon have a new banner that can be used at any of our exhibitions. Different people chose each letter, to be made on a 9" x 9" square, no more than 1" deep.  I claimed the letter 'U'.  

Years ago I had taken a class with Sandi Neiman Lovitz in painting on acrylic from the back, visible through the front side.  I found one of these old pieces of acrylic and had a 9" x 9" square cut from it. What a perfect use for what I had done with Sandi! The U was then made with mosaic shards.  I like the shard with the flower, as a symbol of the Dumpster Diver Divas.

I love how the area not painted shows the color the acrylic is placed upon.  The white line in the image above reflects a white background, which I think is what the banner will be.   

I like it better on white! I'm glad to be part of this Diver collaborative effort.


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