Friday, November 29, 2013

Up-Cycled Library Card Pockets: the first 12 of 60

I can't remember how this passion started.  I know it has been fueled by gifts of discarded card pockets from a friend over many months.  I'll take this first batch of 60 to Da Vinci Art Alliance tomorrow for the Holiday Exhibit.  We're taking down our Deep Six exhibit in the morning, so I'll be there anyway.  We're still Deep Six, even though the show is coming down.  

These are the twelve larger size card pockets, front and back and then back and front.  When we moved, there were certain books that I didn't pack because they were too old and the print too small to comfortably read.  But I saved the covers, which are treasures. It's hard to believe that William James' The Varieties of Religious Experience was once 50 cents!  It feels right that some of those book covers have found their way to these otherwise discarded library card pockets.

I have made use of fragments of my monoprints and hand-made paste paper, and anything else at hand. The window with the fabric blowing in it is from a photograph I took in San Miguel de Allende.  The nude seen from the back is from my photo etching.

These photos aren't the greatest, but I just wanted to document the pockets for myself, to  remind myself.  I felt emboldened to do it by John Benigno's class on Photographing Your Own Artwork.  His guidance about a tripod is "use it."  I took his advice.  I will post # 13 - 60 in the next day or two.

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