Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gallery Sitting Adventures

My new iPad was loaded with free books and I had earbuds for my music. Pieces of the Sunday New York Times that are delivered on Saturday, as well as the Sunday funnies from the Philly Inquirer, also delivered on Saturday, were stuffed in my bag. I was prepared to gallery sit our show at Da Vinci Art Alliance yesterday from 12:00 - 5:00.

Here's how it went:

- A neighborhood guy came in with a large white poodle, saying he (and the dog) came in frequently.  I hoped the dog didn't wag it's tail too close to the pedestal on which one of my assemblages was perched. The man was chatty and very nice.  I ignored the early afternoon alcohol on his breath and was relieved when he and the dog left.

- A couple came in looking for John Benigno's workshop on Photographing Your Own Artwork.  I explained that the workshop had been the previous Sunday, and invited them to see the show.  They said "we already saw it".  I asked their names so I could tell John they were looking for his workshop.  They ignored my question and left.

- A Da Vinci member came to get an ornament to decorate for the upcoming Holiday Show.  She saw that Sally Willowbee and I had given a presentation together, and said "I knew her parents."  I said I did too, from the Martin Luther King School for Social Change, where Sally's father, George Willoghby,  had been my teacher in 1967-69 and afterwards.  Small world.  You live long enough and so much comes full circle...

- A Da Vinci member and her husband came in to leave work for the member's Holiday Exhibit because they were going to be out of town on the actual delivery date.  I was touched by how moved they were by my work.  She said, "I look at your work and feel that I know you."  

- My friend Andrea Snyder stopped in after a book arts event.  It was a great time to visit, and to both my surprise and hers, she joined the Da Vinci Art Alliance co-op.  

- I managed to read a chunk of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I wouldn't have bought it or gotten it from the library, but since it was a free download I decided to read it.  I think I appreciate it more now than if I had read it when I was younger.

- A man came in, didn't want to talk, looked around for less than ten minutes and left.

- David Foss, the Gallery Director, and I had a chance to actually visit together.  We have much in common with our love of and our memory for and collection of visual images.

- There was no interest on any visitor's part in buying any of the fabulous work in the exhibit. I did get to read the Sunday funnies however.  Such is the life of an artist...

The Deep Six gang:  Mikel Elam, John Benigno, Sheldon Strober, Susan Richards, Melvin Chappell, and Rex Sexton

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