Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lesley Dill's a dilly!

I was so fortunate to attend Lesley Dill's talk, together with my friend Susan Turkel.  Dill's work truly has no boundaries, only 'intersections' with all of life, especially words and transformational experience.  

She spent a couple of years in India as a young person, and her interest in mysticism and spirituality shaped the rest of her life:

Her work has also been deeply influenced over the years by Emily Dickinson.  Most recently she has put together an Opera based on Dickinson's poems, that is stunning both visually and musically.  It has been performed in California, and is about to be performed in New York city in April 2018.  

This three-minute trailer gives a taste of it:

I'm tempted to go see it! 

Above is a detail of her lithograph with photogravure (2005) that has sixteen sqares.  

We had a brief conversation before she started her talk.  I had brought a book with me of her work from 2002, so she knew I was a long-time fan.  She inscribed it with a quote from an Emily Dickinson poem and wishes for good luck with my work.  We are connected.  I am grateful.

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