Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's Really Happening! DEEP SIX show is up!

My work was all packed up and ready to take to Old City Jewish Art Center to hang my part of DEEP SIX:  Harmony in Diversity. 

I made an elaborate color-coded chart as I was packing up my 15 pieces, to remind myself which pieces fit in which bin.  It is a puzzle, and I'd never be able to repack easily without the chart.

 All six of us converged on the gallery last Sunday evening, each hanging their work in a particular area so each artist's work has cohesion internally, yet remains in dialogue with the work on other walls. One wall is a mix of all six of us.

Mikel Elam is hanging a new body of work, completed for Harmony in Diversity :

John Benigno, assisted by his wife Chris, is hanging his stunning black and white photographs.  Who knew nails could go both in brick and in mortar?  The walls are beautiful, but I wouldn't have thought art could be easily hung on them.  Somehow it works...

Sheldon Strober hangs both his paintings and his photographs.  Melvin Chappell, in the foreground, is hanging his photographs.  The gallery floors are beautiful as well as the walls.

Rex Sexton's work looks awesome.  Although he passed away in 2015, his work is still very much part of DEEP SIX, lovingly exhibited by his wife Rochelle Cohen.  

Some of my three dimensional work is in a glass case in front of a window, which gives it protection along with good visibility.

We first exhibited together in November of 2013 at Da Vinci Art Alliance.  Here we are standing in front of Rex's work, only a few years ago:

We re-united in August of 2016, and Harmony In Diversity is the result.

Rex's wife Rochelle is now a DEEP SIXER.  (John's wife Chris is also in this photo, taken at the Artists and Craftsmen store in Chestnut Hill that Mikel manages.  Sheldon wasn't able to make it that day.)

Now it's hung and the opening reception is two days away!  I was hoping for a balmy Spring evening to attract First Friday strollers in Old City.  Rain is predicted during the day, but fortunately it will only be 'cloudy' by evening.  Nothing will dampen our spirits!

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