Saturday, December 3, 2016

Intuitive Painting as a Spritual Practice

This was the first of five paintings I did today in a workshop at Pendle Hill:  Intuitive Painting as a Spiritual Practice.  My feelings while doing it were of our post-election confusion and the foreboding sense of darkness covering everything.  It wasn't until I got home that I appreciated the vividness of the light shining through the cracks.  

The art studio building at Pendle Hill shares its overall environment of contemplative simplicity and serenity.  There was enough time over the lunch break to walk a trail, see a pond, and find the bamboo grove.

My journey over the day's trajectory can be seen in painting number five, Opening Heart:

We were a small group of seven, lucky to work with Damini as our guide.
"Damini Celebre is a visionary artist, healer, writer, a lover of the natural worlds, magical worlds, and the inner realms."  

Wow!  How did she create an experience of spontaneous painting without thinking?  I have greater appreciation than ever for the Dada and Surrealist folks and their "automatic painting"!

It was a wonderful day.  I even took my first selfie on my new phone.


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