Saturday, September 3, 2016

Studio Re-Organization - a great way to spend Labor Day Weekend

My flat files were sadly in need of repair, after serving me well for the last twenty-five or so years.  Bowing and shrinkage took its toll.

Things got stacked all over to empty it out,  clearing the way for my nephew Patrick to come and help out.

It wasn't completely starting from scratch, but it was rebuilt anew.

Patrick is a wizard.

These flat files were made for me back when I was living the San Diego area.  They fit perfectly in a closet in the room I was then using as studio space.  Amazingly, when we moved to this house in the Philly area,  it fit perfectly in this closet in my studio.

 It was such a pleasure to load and label things.  Because of this process I found several older pieces that can be updated and made new in exciting ways.  I also found several frames and plexi-boxes that can be re-used, (mostly containing old work that is dispensable,) and are now in their own separate bin.

This makes me happy.

That corner is more or less back together again.  The floor has been scrubbed.  Now I'll find room in the studio for the piano guts that my friend's neighbor gave me, which have been sitting in the mud room.

Elegua, the Afro-Cuban Santeria Orisha that I brought back from Cuba, was supervising.  He is the master of paths, crossroads, and gates.

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