Monday, July 11, 2016

Dragon Tale Ready to Roll!

Dragon Tale is  repaired!  She is up and running.  J-B Kwik cold weld epoxy is wonderful.  I am a fan.  I will take her over to the Community Art Center in Wallingford next week as my entry in their Member's Exhibition.  

I had been aware of African Power Figures from the time I was in high school and saw large numbers of them at the Metropolitan Museum. I can remember being surrounded by them and feeling their collective numinous energy.  I saw these two recently at the Philadelphia Museum:

It reminded me that in the back of my mind when I was making Dragon Tale I had recalled the power and energy of using nails. To my surprise, when I looked on Google Images for African Power Figures there were also some of animals, which I had not seen before, like this double-headed one:

Dragon Tale of course is sweeter and more whimsical.  She carries a different kind of power, the power of history.  As I said previously, "This dragon has tales to tell and steadfastly guards that history,"  in this case a history of an earlier media format: slides.


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