Monday, May 23, 2016

Multiple Visions: A Nation of Immigrants

In the midst of this strangest of political seasons, I'm grateful that the Art Gallery at City Hall in Philadelphia is mounting an exhibit called VOTE, that will be on display through the Democratic convention.  Mr. Tu Huynh, Program Director of the Gallery, invited the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, along with CFE VA, Inliquid, Schuylkill Art Center, University City Arts League, Mt. Airy Art Garage, ArtWell, Village of Arts and Humanities, Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, and Cultural Center of SpArc Philadelphia to participate.  I'm so happy to be a Dumpster Diver and be part of things like this!

 I just submitted "Multiple Visions: A Nation of Immigrants", which I made specifically for the VOTE exhibit. The microfilm, the Archives logo (from the microfilm box), and the Petition for Naturalization photo are ephemera that were given to the Dumpster Divers by the National Archives.  The ballot stubs were saved from when I lived in San Diego County.  As I was making this, I realized how fortunate I was to have lived in a border area for over thirty years, infused with Mexican language, music, food, art, and culture.  It was a privilege to live in a bi-cultural area. 

 The liberty coin atop the peaceful silver scene conveys that liberty includes a sense of safety, a place to have a home and raise one's family.  I think of J.S. Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze".  The United States has always been a haven for people who were not safe in their countries of origin.  The Petition for Naturalization indicates a man from Greece born in 1883, occupation 'Peddler', and is a reminder of our long history of being open to immigrants.  My vote says may that not change now!  Let's hear it for having multiple visions!  I'm glad Multiple Visions has a guardian angel...

I also submitted this piece, "You Are Needed", which again makes use of National Archives ephemera, including the vintage background poster, and was in the Dumpster Diver exhibit at the National Archives in 2014, "Archives Alchemy."

I will await word from Tu Huynh as to whether either or both of these will be included in the VOTE exhibit.  Wish me luck!

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