Thursday, February 17, 2011

Released into the Wild: Sketchbooks on Tour!

Unbelieveably, the Sketchbook Project folks at the Brooklyn Art Library have cataloged just under 10,000 sketchbooks, including mine,  and are ready to take them on tour around the country.  They are now "released into the wild", as they say, but organized, digitized, and bar-coded. I will be getting an email every time someone looks at it in person or on-line.  This will be a kick!  If you browse at  you can get a sense of the range and variety of the participating artists from all over the world.  

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Congrats on the completion Susan!
I was intrigued by this project when reading of it first on your blog. So happy to see someone I follow participated.

Susan Richards said...

Thanks Susan! It was indeed intriguing to be part of such a huge collective project.