Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bumper Sticker History

This video collage of sticker images is a snapshot of an era of history, as well as telling the story of our personal lives over the last fifteen years. I couldn't bear to scrape them off the cupboard doors without a way to remember the layers that slowly accumulated. Soon the doors will be painted white, nice and bland for prospective buyers, as we get ready to move.

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Marie S said...

Have a wonderful New Year. Can't you just take the doors with you?? It is a shame to take them down.
Love and hugs.

Susan Richards said...

Thanks Marie. Happy New Year to you too! We thought about taking the doors with us, but discovered that they were not standard sizes (too old?). The cost to custom make replacements was prohibitive.

xoxoxox ;-)

Lille Diane said...

Oh this must be so hard to do. I moved this summer away from my beloved tree house to a new place. I videoed every inch so I can always have it with me. I think this must be the beginning of some new doors to sassify in your artistic fashion. Can you take the doors off and have them scanned as posters? Might cost a little but could be the best art you take to your new place~

Susan Richards said...

Oh Lille. Did you move away from the cottage where "creativity grows on trees like apples"?? Video is so important for memories. 'Sassify' is a great verb. It will have to happen in a new way in the new place. Let's hear it for sassification!