Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Want your socks knocked off? Check out, a non-profit dedicated to helping women artists be seen, celebrated, and compensated. They also organize and support SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now Day), a world-wide celebration that builds awareness of the power and diversity of women's art. This statement by Martha Richards, the Founder and Executive Director of WomenArts says it all: "We dream about what will happen as more and more women artists gain the resources they need to express their creativity fully. We are convinced that they will change the world."

I am delighted that my blog has been added to the list of bloggers on their website: It is lot of fun to see the range of blogs on this site. I am honored to be in such great company!

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Marie S said...

Congratulations Susan, Thanks for the link, I will go check it out!!
Have a great weekend, I hope you are doing well.

Susan Richards said...

Hi Marie, Thanks, and nice to hear from you. I think you will appreciate WomenArts! Have a great Thanksgiving.