Friday, June 12, 2009

Messages in a Bottle!

Whether random or not, the whole concept of collaborative journal pages, with no rules for content or format, is very intriguing. I have just put this film by Andrea Kreuzhage,, at the top of my Netflix queue and can't wait to see it.

In 2006, at the International Women's Writing Guild annual conference at Skidmore College, N.Y.,a member had created several blank journals, which were to be circulated over the coming year, to be filled with text, art, whatever - and returned by the following years' annual conference to then be auctioned as a fundraiser. I was proud and excited to be one of the participants. The following year, all of the journals had been returned except the one I was part of! No one knew what had happened to it. I still don't know. I'd like to think it has taken on a life of its own...still circulating.

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andrea said...

Thank you Susan for posting about our film. It's great all of the journals at the Writing Guild conference came back the next year -- but for one. These journals do have a life of their own, and clearly, this one is out for more adventures, or is waiting for the right moment to resurface. As are over 900 of the 1000 Journals...

Marie S said...

How exciting to be a part of this. I am sorry about the journal.
I like your idea though... still circulating, nice!

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kind of cool huh?

Marie S said...

It is out there inspiring and illuminating and it is good.
When you get a chance come see!!!