Sunday, May 31, 2009

T-Shirts Have Power!

A few days ago, I ordered two of these t-shirts, designed by our friend Annette, for me and Sharon. I didn't cry over the recent California Supreme Court's decision to uphold Prop. 8 until I saw that a local church was having an Ecumenical Service of Consolation. The word 'consolation' hit home. I realized how badly I needed to be consoled.

After a weekend with the Venerable Tibetan Lama, Lobsang Tsultrim, I am questioning whether I am 'attached' to having equal legal rights, 'attached' to the outcome of ballots and court decisions. The answer is that the Tibetan monks, in their own fight, are our role models. We will carry on our fight, but with love and compassion in our hearts, not anger or bitterness. It is, after all, about love.

You can order your t-shirt from (This is one of several designs.) You don't have to be one of the 18,0000, a resident of California, or even gay to take this viral!

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Anonymous said...

Keep up your wonderful blog and work.
We eagerly await each new jot.

Susan Richards said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Love and hugs to you!