Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Beach Walk of the Year

A little girl scratched "2008" in the sand with a stick, soon to be washed away by incoming tide. Couples of all ages strolled hand in hand at the water's edge, watching the sky change. Families posed for their New Year's Day snapshot in front of the spot where the sun was spreading a shaft of gold on the water. Children were everywhere: babies wrapped in blankets, toddlers on shoulders, older ones playing in the sand. There were only a handful of surfers and one lone fisherman. I was among the solitary walkers, since my honey had a cold. It was definitely a holiday crowd.

A foreign tourist, a woman walking south as I was coming back north stopped to greet me. "Where does it end?" she asked. I was startled by her question, given the vastness of the shoreline, but it was a language problem, so the answer was not "the tip of South America". I managed to suggest she walk down to Flat Rock and back, the same walk I had just taken.

I snapped this shot on my way home, of the lagoon flowing under the railroad trestle towards the ocean. A good way to start the New Year, with a fresh supply of sand now on the floor of my freshly washed car.

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